Protect your workers from dangerous impalement hazards with the cap that won’t fall off… VariCap!

We’ve got you covered

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The VariCap provides protection like no other to construction workers!

You’ve got a job to do without worrying about exposing people to impalement hazards. Our tradespeople want to install a cap once and not worry about it falling off. But all too often we find ourselves picking up caps off of the ground and having to re-install them often using tape or tie wire to keep them on. Not only is this inefficient, costly, and tiresome, it’s dangerous. It can result in someone being seriously hurt and/or OSHA fines in the thousands of dollars. Uncapped rebar is unacceptable and we’ve developed our product so it never happens again. The VariCap is safe, reliable, simple to use, and maintenance free!
On using VariCap’s “it’s all to benefit my lower back pain from bending over picking up rebar caps my entire career”.
Jim Yechout

Sr. Superintendent, Mortenson

Put a “cap” on your labor cost.

The VariCap is 480% faster to install than traditional rebar caps.

One-Of-A-Kind Design!

VariCap’s CAL/OSHA certified/Federal OSHA compliant and unique rebar cap design allows it to glide onto the rebar with zero resistance as it’s being installed. This superior design makes it up to 5x’s more efficient than today’s standard caps and 2×4 systems that often take hammers, saws, and other tools to force them onto the bar. Due to its patented design interior structure and one of a kind stabilizing end cap, it fits like new every time you use it. It’s easy to remove but will not fall off. You literally set it and forget it!

  • It won’t fall off in horizontal or vertical applications.
  • Goes on and comes off with ease.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • CAL/OSHA certified/Federal OSHA compliant
“If you want to make sure ‘no one gets hurt’, use VariCap’s”.
Mohamed Higazy

NYC Area Safety Manager, Kiewit

We know what it’s like…

To have rebar caps fall off leaving people exposed to impalement hazards. How often have you tried to re-install a cap that has fallen off and can’t because it’s destroyed? You don’t carry the necessary tools to bandaid it back on. That’s why we’ve spent years of research and development to design the perfect rebar cap that won’t deform and fall off. If you can relate to the frustration of constant maintenance, then we can help you create a lean, efficient, safer job site by using the VariCap.
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Description of the VariCap

VariCap – superior design to today’s rebar protection.

  • 5 times more efficient than traditional caps and 2×4 systems
  • Made in the USA
  • CAL/OSHA certified/Federal OSHA compliant
  • Reusable – made to last again & again
  • Doesn’t fall off
  • Doesn’t deform
  • Zero maintenance
  • Set it and forget it

Product Overview

The VariCap is an impalement protection cap that was designed by a construction professional. This impalement protection safety device is intended to protect workers from lacerations and falls from height. Tested to CAL/OSHA standard 344.90.

The yellow end cap that stabilizes the cap on the bar or other hazard is replaceable if it ever becomes damaged for any reason. You simply take the damaged one off and push on a new one. The replacement caps can be purchased separately.


The Varicap is designed to be used at or above grade. It is designed to protect against impalement from a maximum fall height not to exceed 7 1/2’. It can be used on rebar #4-#11.


Meets & Exceeds:

  • CAL/OSHA 1505
  • CAL/OSHA 344.90
  • CAL/OSHA 1712
  • Federal OSHA 1926.701 (b)

Quality Assurance

The VariCap is an impalement protection device. It is designed to be used multiple times on multiple job sites without deformation. The VariCap must be inspected before every use. If the orange base is damaged in any way, please discard immediately. The yellow end cap that stabilizes the cap on the bar or other hazard is replaceable if it ever becomes damaged for any reason. You simply remove the yellow end cap from the orange base and push a new one on. The replacement caps can be purchased separately.


The construction industry has a responsibility to build for the greater good. In our journey to green planet construction we can help lower your total embodied carbon footprint by diverting the total number of rebar caps from landfills. Because the VariCap is reusable many times over our products life cycle is much longer than traditional caps and our replaceable end caps are recyclable. Even the little things can make a difference.

“The VariCaps all go on the same way every time because they don’t deform.  They save on labor which saves money.  They also boost moral on the job because they just don’t fall off like most caps”
Mark Story

General Superintendent, DPR